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Cat Show Jan 28-29, 2006


This is Kate and Bianca's second time at the Saintly City Cat Show, held in January, 2006. This event is part of the St. Paul Winter Carnival. Did Kate or Bianca get to be crowned Queen this year?

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Cat Show Aug 20-21, 2005

8-20-05 039.jpg

Kate and Bianca pull their first over-nighter in Rochester, Minnesota. This was their fifth cat show, which took place in August, 2005. The "Top Hat and Cat Tales" show was sponsored by the Gopher State Cat Club and was an ACFA event that celebrated fifty years of the organization.

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Cat Show May 14-15, 2005


Kate and Bianca show off their fluffiest coats to date in their fourth cat show in May, 2005. The "Cats on Broadway" show, held in Maple Grove, Minnesota, was an ACFA event hosted by Cat Tales Cat Fanciers, Inc.

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Cat Show April 23-24, 2005


Kate and Bianca competed in their third cat show in April, 2005. The "Catsablanca" cat show was an ACFA event and was hosted by the Gopher State Cat Club in Farmington, Minnesota.

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Cat Show Jan. 29-30, 2005


Kate and Bianca attended their second cat show on January 29-30, 2005. The Saintly City Cat Club hosted the CFA cat show at the Roy Wilkins Exhibition Hall in St. Paul, Minnesota. The show was one of the events for the 2005 St. Paul Winter Carnival.

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Cat Show September 25, 2004

CFA Show 25-Sept-2004 054.jpg

We wanted the world to see how beautiful our kittens are so we entered them in their first-ever local cat show. We all had a good time and made lots of new friends, with and without fur.

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