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Mint's Herb Garden


Mint, a beautiful cat, came with her four two-week-old kittens:Ginger, Curry, Dill and Basil to stay with us in October, 2005.

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The Fashionistas


Kittens Stacy and Clinton ambushed unsuspecting foster parents Michele and Barry in August of 2005. But will these two feline fashionistas pounce over their casual wardrobes or will they leave them coughing up furballs? Stay tuned as these two kittens named after fashion gurus Stacy London and Clinton Kelly show us What Not to Wear.

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The O'Tabby Orphans


We fostered four orange tabby kittens in July, 2005. The four "redheads" are Keiran, Clancy, Bridget, and Brianna.

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Flaka's Litter


Flaka's litter came to us in November, 2004 and stayed with us through the holidays. They had to get over a little cold before going back to the shelter, but they didn't seem to mind the stay. They were given colorful Christmas fur mice toys to play with.

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Kiss Me Cat

07-16-04 8 Weeks 008.jpg

Two gorgeous persians, Katie and Bianca, were abandoned at the shelter in July 2004. They were underweight and were the most unsocialized foster litter we'd ever had. Over many weeks, they made incredible strides in their socialization--so much so that we fell in love with them and adopted them in September. They are now the most loving wonderful kittens we could have hoped for.

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Monique's Orphans

0 Monique Orphans 083.jpg

Monique was such a good mother to her own litter (see "Monique's Litter" photo album) that she was given a litter of three orphaned kittens. Since all three kittens were found in a garage, we gave luxury car names: Lexus, Bentley, and Mercedes.

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Monique's Litter


Monique came to us in May, 2004 with her four kittens. They were seized as part of a cruelty investigation. They were in very good health, however, and amazingly affectionate.

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The Three Musketeers


We received the four all-black orphans in February 2004. The three boys and one girl became the Three Musketeers: Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and Milady.

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The Lear Girls

9 weeks 050.jpg

We received three orphaned female kittens in November, 2003 and decided to name them after the daughters of King Lear. Regan, Goneril, and Cordelia were one of the most affectionate litters we've ever had.

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Priscilla's Litter


We received Priscilla and her litter of four kittens Giselle, Max, Phantom, and Adolph in September 2003.

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Joanie's Litter


We took in a litter of five kittens in July of 2003. This litter had lost its mother in a car accident and we were given a mother cat, who had just finished with a litter of her own, to nurse the orphans. The kittens were about three weeks old when we took them in.

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Ruby's Litter


Ruby and her kittens came to us in October of 2002. She had a litter of four very sweet kittens. Ruby was a beautiful calico cat who loved to spend a little free time with us chasing a ball up and down the hallway.

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