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001 Barry and Michele in the Island Grill.jpg
The Island Grill2839 views
002a Our Cabin.jpg
Plenty of space in the cabin2926 views
005b Michele and Barry on Formal Night.jpg
Michele and Barry on Formal Night2218 views
012b Internet Cafe in Aruba.jpg
Internet Cafe in Aruba1205 views
016 Cruise Critic Party.jpg
Cruise Critic Party1312 views
Bianca with Christmas Tree Ornaments115 views
024 Just Relax.jpg
Michele Relaxing1246 views
Bianca as a kitten in soft light111 views
Bianca on the Shelf in Barry's Office110 views
100 London - Ritz.jpg
Afternoon Tea247 views
102 London - Tower.jpg
The Tower of London109 views
Abel sleeps on foster mom97 views
203 Brugge - Michele.jpg
Drinks at the Square137 views
301 Paris - Arc de Triamphe.jpg
Arc de Triamphe896 views
302 Paris - Michele at Louvre.jpg
The Louvre233 views
320 Versailles - Michele and Barry.jpg
Versailles106 views
321 Versailles - Hall of Mirrors.jpg
Versailles Hall of Mirrors95 views
411 Azay de Rideau - Michele.jpg
Azay le Rideau102 views
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